Tired of completing documents in German?
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Our online service can be used by all residents in Germany, without any exception, whether they have German citizenship or reside in the country as foreigners and whose first or preferred language is English.
Please select the set of documents you are looking for, then choose the required document and follow the guidance and tips highlighted in green. We have made this process as simple as possible. You also have access to the Articles section which provides up-to-date information about all the forms available on the Formularclick online service.
The Formularclick online service is available in English. All questions, guidance and tips are written in English. When you select your answers in the questionnaires, the required information in the final document comes out in German. Unfortunately, when completing questionnaires some of the details will unavoidably have to be filled out in German. These are such basic details as an address of residence or work, names of employers, educational institutions, public institutions, commercial organisations, which will have to be keyed in in German. First names and surnames of persons, who are not German citizens, are entered in English exactly as they are spelt in their identity documents. Almost every line contains examples.
Please use the feedback form to let us know the name of the document you couldn’t find and we will definitely add it later. Your messages will help us assess how often all documents are used and allow us to prioritise work on the most popular ones. Our service is work in progress and we are constantly working on electronic versions of newly issued documents. If you don’t want to miss any new forms being added, please join our groups on social media to stay up-to-date.
The cost of completing each form is clearly stated on the page. You can complete a request to obtain your current personal credit rating (SCHUFA) free of charge.
No, you can't. The document is finalised after the payment has been made.
It will be in German. All the answers you enter into the system are recorded in German in the final document. If you are not a German citizen, some lines can contain English exactly as the details appear in your passport or other identity documents. Such lines are accompanied by relevant tips for you to follow.
Absolutely not! We do not share, sell or lend our users' personal data to anyone. In exceptional circumstances, disclosure of personal information of our users is made only by court order.
You will receive the generated document in PDF (Portable Document Format) format.
Any error can be corrected in Adobe Photoshop or Acrobat Reader DC of Adobe Systems Inc. Acrobat Reader DC allows you to edit pdf files and convert them into Word or Excel formats.